Women's Mental Health

I was on a panel recently with 5 amazing women, all experts in their field. Caia Care is an online women’s health portal that connects women to healthcare professionals from nutritionists, medical professionals to lactation consultants – they cover every life stage, every health preference and condition making services easier to access.

We were there to discuss women mental health as it’s mental health month and I was there to discuss fertility and mental health. Everyone going through their journey knows how much trying to conceive naturally or with the help of science can play on your mind, especially if things are not going according to plan.

As I asked a particular question which I’d like to address, “When it comes to women’s health, how might some of the unique experiences that women encounter related to fertility affect mental health and what are the strategies to cope?”

Bloody excellent question and a difficult one to answer! I always say everyone is different and every journey is unique and what I’m about to say worked for me and are suggestions to help you cope.

Where do I start? There are so many factors that will affect mental health going through a fertility journey, generally when you start to feel the stress it’s because thing