All About Fertility Virtual Expo 2021


In 2020 due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, safety came first and looking after each other.  Times are still uncertain and while there is nothing better than receiving hugs, smiles and words of encouragement at a face to face event, All About Fertility will be moving online.  

The date's set for Saturday 26 June 2021 and will cover all Australian states and New Zealand.  Keep up-to-date by our newsletter for presenters, times and what's happening or head to our Instagram page @allaboutfertilityexpo

All About You

Why Attend All About Fertility Expo?

All About Fertility Expo is all about you! This one-day event will be packed with information from leading fertility experts in their areas, from naturopaths to fertility specials to acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists to surrogacy law and much more. We’re committed to giving you up-to-date information and education to help and guide you to achieve your dreams of becoming first-time parents or wanting to extend your family.


What we love about this exhibition is everyone is under one roof, it means less time on Google and clicking through lots of Instagram accounts and Facebook groups trying to find the information you need. We also love that all the vendors are there to support you on your journey, the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child’ we’ve taken that statement and brought the village to help you on your journey while trying to conceive.


If you are interested in researching IVF clinics, you’re able to have one to one conversations with advisers or you can speak to naturopaths ready to give you a different approach.


Finance is the big fat elephant in the room. Whether you’re trying naturally however also using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, a dietitian or other complimentary or using IVF & alternative therapies the costs add up. With this in mind, we have a financial advisor and finance coaches to advise and give you tools to help manage your finances to eliminate some stresses and achieve your family goals and dreams.

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Our Commitment

This event is coming to you free on Saturday 26  June 2021. 

Keep up-to-date on our Instagram @allaboutfertilityexpo