Our Story

The Heart Behind All About Fertility

I’ve had some curious people ask why fertility? Why launch an exhibition around fertility? After all, there are enough IVF companies holding evening sessions around IVF. True, it’s how my husband and I started our fertility journey.


I researched for a year into different clinics, treatment, specialists, lifestyle changes such as eating habits, alcohol consumption, acupuncture, vitamins and much more before jumping on the IVF roller coaster ride.


And what a ride it was! But I remember going through the treatment, I found only one person willing to talk to me face to face. I wanted to connect with people who were going through or had been through the same thing, I found some Facebook groups helped but I'm a "let's do a cuppa" kinda gal. Infertility is such a sensitive subject, you don’t realise how many people are going through their journey until you decide to speak out.


In 2018 we welcomed our daughter into the world and what a blessing she is. It was while on maternity leave and speaking to ladies who also had help from science, I thought wouldn’t it be great to have everything under one roof, everything a person needs to help them come parents. And so All About Fertility Expo was born.


This exhibition is the first of its kind in Australia. I see this exhibition as home to all things fertility-related, where visitors can speak directly to IVF clinics, alternative medicine, fertility coaches, adoption/foster agencies, hear about surrogacy and much more. Seminar programmes throughout the day will educate and hear from real people on their journey. Connect, get to know each other and feel supported in your journey.

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