If you're thinking about starting a family or you would like to extend your family and you have questions about trying to conceive naturally we have the experts to answer your questions. 


Or perhaps you may need to talk with a few fertility specialists and speak to a few IVF clinics to see which clinic will suit you best. Maybe you're not ready for a family and thinking about egg freezing. 


Then All About Fertility Virtual Expo 2021 can help you.

You're able to speak with and hear from the top specialists around Australia and New Zealand and the best experts in the fertility industry without going to the GP for a referral.

All About Fertility Virtual Expo 2021 will allow you to participate from the comfort of your own home. Register here

Your IVF Success 

Your IVF Success is here!  This website is a new government initiative funded by the government and developed by the University of New South Wales.

It's a world-first online IVF estimator calculator, allowing you to enter your age, the age, of your partner, or sperm donor, your fertility diagnosis, whether you have previously had children, and any previous IVF treatment to offer an estimate of your chance of success with IVF.  Based on 100% on IVF cycles performed in Australian Clinics. 

Your IVF Success website has a profile on every eligible, RTAC licensed IVF clinic in Australia and their success rates on four different measures.  All clinic services, patient age groups, and clinic success rates are reported the same way making it easier for you to research different clinics before visiting them in person.

However please remember this website does not replace a consultation with your fertility doctor.  They can help you understand your chances of success based on your personal fertility factors. Refer to Access Australia's Fact Sheet 'Finding an IVF Clinic and Understanding Success Rates'

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Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Just wanted to say a big thanks for putting the event on.  We came from Orange...we got a lot out of the sessions we made it to.

- From Orange

The Expo was exactly what we needed, a welcoming and friendly place to hear about a range of fertility topics, from financial advice, nutritional support to which fertility/IVF options and clinics might best suit our needs. Several months later and we are delighted to be expecting our first child in December. We can't thank Ella and her Expo enough for starting us on what has been a very unique journey for us both. It felt incredibly daunting heading into the world of fertility, but the Expo was absolutely the best way to start. 

- From Neutral Bay

After we came to the expo, we spoke with several fertility clinics and decided to go with Adora.  We booked an appointment in August and started IVF in September. Egg collection and transfer in October 2019 and delivered baby boy in June.  We're so lucky and blessed.  Thank you so much, the expo really helped us decide our next steps.

- Morayo O

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Couch Time

The first exhibition of its kind in Australia, where anyone on their fertility journey can listen to up-to-date fertility information, talk directly with IVF specialists and other fertility experts, allowing visitors to make an informed decision on what path to take to achieve your family goals.

Meet the leading experts on fertility. Fertility specialists will take part in the seminar programmes to discuss topics from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, IVF and cutting edge technology in male and female fertility plus much more fertility information to achieve your family dreams.

Have a coffee and listen to real people share their story. Honest and open conversations from people sharing their IVF/ surrogacy journey. Hear from health experts on nutrition and how to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Ask questions and connect in a relaxed environment so you can collect the fertility information you need for your own journey.

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